The House of Jordan
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This is my ninth year of successfully breeding some
of the most sought after dogs in the United States,
the German Shepherd Dog (GSD). Not only
has it been extremely rewarding, it has also been
a passion. I have placed many dogs and pups with
a wide range of wonderful people and organizations.
From companion dogs for families like yours to dogs
specifically trained for our wonderful Veterans to treat
PTSD, and dogs to help those with Autism.

I take my responsibility very seriously and stand proud
of our reputation for responsible breeding and our immaculate
facility. I invite you out to view the property. Each animal
is cared for as if it is the only one on the property. Come out
and leave a believer.

Unfortunately, there are those that have ulterior motives when
attempting to breed or purchase one on my beautiful GSDs.
When I discover their true colors, I call them on it. I pull
no punches.

My goal is to not only preserve the breed and the lineage,
but to improve it at every opportunity. Regardless of cost to me.
As I stated, this is my life, my choosing.

If you search for my kennel, you will find two vitriolic and outright
slanderous accusations that are unsubstantiated and hateful. I
have never sold, gifted, bred, or raised a GSD for anyone or
entity in either of the locations listed in the horrible ratings. I
was asked by a few unscrupulous people to do some things that
as a responsible and loving breeder, I would not do. This is
the catalyst for their unsigned and cowardly attempt to ruin
my reputation. It didn’t work. House of Jordan German
Shepherd Dogs is stronger and more reputable than ever.
As a testament to my good standing in the breeding community,
I offer you the following:

You might notice there is a link at the top of the page VA 2
Ricco Zenteiche he belongs to a well-respected and very good
friend of mine; Susan Dannis DVM. Susan has been breeding
GSD's for over 20 years and is a leader in the field. Contact
her if you have any doubts about my ability to introduce you to one
of the finest German Shepherd Dogs you will ever fall in love with.
You will find Susan's contact information on Ricco's page.

I look forward to helping you along your journey.

Exclusively owned by Patricia Christian Jordan

Introducing my wonderful new stud dog
V1 Reb'l von Durward IPO 1

Eli will remain at the kennel..Eliza has a wonderful forever home

Edison & Euestes are available.... males from Daika & Jay

De Caso is available male from Mina & Jay

Puppies from Jay & Kira are available 1 male and 1 female

Willo from the House of Jordan

West German Show Lines

Daika vom Dreisenbachtal BH AD SchH1
Daika is a wonderful high drive female that is the foundation for my future.
She has consistently produced progeny with the ability to work from multiple males.

Contact us @ 731-608-5758


I have always strived to improve my breeding program, it is my goal to produce beautiful, sound dogs with all the desired traits so admired in the German Shepherd Dog.
Several service dogs have been produced in my kennel: One for a veteran with PTSD, 2 with children with Autism, very proud that a female from my kennel is the offical
Fed-Ex dog in Memphis, another who is a therapy dog and one retired police K9. All dogs have certified hips and elbows,
for every generation. I can't possibly stress the importance of this. My dogs produce both long coats and stock coats. References provided at your request.

You might look at all of these dogs and numbers and titles and wonder what it means, a page is provided titled Terminology. This will help you understand what these
numbers and letters represent.

My focus at The House of Jordan is to produce German Shepherds bred to standard according to the SV of Germany, the strictest registery in the world. My goal is to
produce German Shepherds with great beauty, intelligence, courage, loyalty, sound health and clear minds. I want to provide the average individual with an above
average German Shepherd. All dogs in the breeding program have OFA certification or "A" certification from Europe prior to breeding. I am proud of the pedigrees
of my dogs and it is very important to the puppies they produce. It ensures they are from great lineage that truly reflects the wonderful traits that are so admired in
the breed. I would like for others to experience what it is like to have a dog of superior intelligence and unwavering loyalty as part of their family. My puppies are sold
as pet companions with limited registration with the exception of a few to serious breeders. If you have never shared your life with a German Shepherd, once you do you
will never want to be without one. I will help you select a puppy based on your family, lifestyle or needs. The German Shepherd Dog is naturally protective and is
extremely loyal and kind to his family. Why German Shepherd Dogs? To know a German Shepherd is to have one.... I refrain from using the word "own" often it is they
who own us or at least our hearts!

Shipping is available.
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