Von Jordan Haus German Shepherds
Our new litter arrived April 1 from Gaspar & Leica
Deposits are being accepted on this litter we have 1 Male reserved.
2 Males available
Yukon, Yogi, Yoda

Gaspar Kalupus our newest addition he is the son of:
V6 (BSZS 2013) Schumann Von Tronje
Roxi Kalupus

We would also like to indroduce our newest female
Nameria vom Suentelstein she is the daughter of:
V Nelson Frankengold
V Nora vom Suentelstein

Contact us @ 731-608-5758

Xander has excellent drive, he is bold and confident. Xander is no longer available.

We have always strived to improve our breeding program, it is our goal to produce beautiful, sound dogs with all the desired traits so admired in the German Shepherd Dog. Our dogs have certified hips and elbows, we also do genetic color testing. We produce both long coats and stock coats. Our dogs are from these lines: Ober Bad-Boll VA 1 2010, Paer Hasenborn VA6 2012, Uran von der Wilhelmswarte,V1 Sambo Arlett, 2x VA1 Vegas du Haut Masard, VA9 BSZS 2008 Tiana vom Fichtenschlag, V Quandro von Baredika,V17 Irok Karanberg, V9 Winner Assaut, VA2 Quenn vom Loher Weg, V Tyson vom Kottersbusch, V BSZS Rina Casselswald, VA 5 (CHN) Tor di Casa Nobili

You might look at all of these dogs and numbers and titles and wonder what it means, we do provide a page titled Terminology. This will help you understand what these numbers and letters represent.

Our focus at Von Jordan Haus is to produce German Shepherds bred to standard according to the SV of Germany the strictest registery in the world. Our goal is to produce German Shepherds with great beauty, intelligence, courage, loyalty, sound health and clear minds. We want to provide the average individual with an above average German Shepherd. All dogs in our breeding program have OFA certification or "A" certification from Europe prior to breeding. We are proud of the pedigrees of our dogs and it is very important to the puppies they produce. It ensures they are from great lineage that truly reflects the wonderful traits that are so admired in the breed. We would like for others to experience what it is like to have a dog of superior intelligence and unwavering loyalty as part of their family. If you have never shared your life with a German Shepherd, once you do you will never want to be without one. We will help you select a puppy based on your family, lifestyle or needs. The German Shepherd Dog is naturally protective and is extremely loyal and kind to his family. Why German Shepherd Dogs? To know a German Shepherd is to have one.... I refrain from using the word "own" often it is they who own us or at least our hearts!

Should you need a reference please contact my Vet. Bob Sumrall DVM he takes great care of our dogs and puppies. 731-989-2418

Shipping is available.